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Skilled Nursing

Explore Skilled Nursing Care at Highland Chateau

The transition to a nursing home can be a major change for a new resident as well as their family members.

Skilled nursing care at Highland Chateau offers around-the-clock care for those who require the services of professional nursing staff or are unable to live independently. Our staff includes registered and licensed nurses, as well as certified nursing assistants, working together to provide the highest quality clinical and personal care.

Caring professionals from the social services, activities, dietary and environmental services departments round out the complete skilled nursing care team. Working in collaboration with the resident and family, this team will develop an individualized care plan for the resident that encompasses a wide range of needs – physical, emotional, social and spiritual. This care plan is regularly reviewed and revised to reflect the changing needs of the resident.

Our skilled services include a wide range of treatment possibilities, including medically-complex scenarios for residents requiring IV therapy, pain management, respiratory treatments or comprehensive wound care. Skilled nursing care residents additionally enjoy a rich and varied activity program, our exceptional dining offerings, and a spiritual care program.

To refer a patient to learn more about our skilled nursing services at Highland Chateau, please call Admissions department (651) 698-0793.

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