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November 12, 2019
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Resident Panel Visits Health Dimensions Group

Last month, our management company, Health Dimensions Group (HDG), spent three days together team-building, reflecting on their core values, and discussing how every employee contributes to their mission to make people’s lives better by providing great care and consulting. One of the highlights of the event was a very special visit from three members of Highland Chateau’s resident counsel. They shared why they love living at Highland Chateau. One resident said, “Everyone is like family.” Others expressed their joy for the large and private rooms. JP, resident at Highland Chateau, had kind words for Jeremy, our Executive Director. He said to the HDG audience, “Jeremy is wonderful; he’s a hard-worker. Just great—he’s one swell guy!”

The resident panel also took time to express some of the myths and misconceptions about how life is like at a nursing home. Patricia, resident at Highland Chateau said, “What I saw on TV on nursing care communities made me scared. But at Highland Chateau, everyone is understanding. They help you adjust to the new environment. We get together, and make lifetime friendships. We love each other… we love you too, Jeremy!” JP emphasized that nursing care communities are not a “nut house, but it’s actually a place for people who need assistance taking care of themselves. But, we’re not incompetent. We are there to get back on track, to feel better about our community, and get extra help when we need it most.” JP wants everyone to know that “living in a nursing care community is not a bad thing. It’s your home away from home. The best thing about living at a nursing home is making new friends and getting the best care. If I had to rate Highland Chateau on the quality of care I would rate it in the top 100%. The quality of care and staff is immeasurable. There are lots of laughs, care, and we’re treated like family.”

The resident panel’s message was powerful, insightful, and meaningful. It’s a pleasure and great honor that they chose Highland Chateau as their place to call home. We hope their words help build clarity on the common misconceptions around skilled nursing care communities. Their perspective will help us continue to build upon our commitment to providing quality care and service.