Quick, Comfortable, and Close to Home

With orthopedic surgery or another major medical procedure in your future, post-operative care and rehabilitative therapy are a fact of life. You want to get better and you want to get home. That’s why we offer comprehensive rehabilitative care at Highland Chateau.

At Highland Chateau, residents and patients work closely our partners from Aegis Therapies in a comfortable, home-like setting. From physical and occupational therapy to speech therapy, specially trained therapists work closely with you to develop a rehabilitative care program tailored to meet your specific needs. Therapy is available right on-site at Highland Chateau six days a week.

  • Physical therapy may include strength training, pain management, massage, electrical stimulation, hydrotherapy, and heat and cold treatments.
  • Occupational therapists assist residents in attaining their highest level of independence in daily living skills.
  • Speech therapists work with those who need to regain communication and swallowing skills. This may include the use of electrical stimulation therapy and/or ultrasound.

Whether therapy is traditional or non-traditional, high-tech or high-touch, every facet of rehabilitative care at Highland Chateau is designed to support a personalized, comfortable rehabilitation experience that will get you better and safely home as quickly as possible.

To refer a patient or learn more about rehabilitation services at Highland Chateau, please email Admissions Director Samantha Gerland or call (651) 698-0793.

Leading the Nation in Outcomes

When it comes to the best place for individuals to recover, the choice is clear: Highland Chateau. We work closely with our partners, Aegis Therapies, to efficiently help patients safely renew strength and independence.